YouTube Freshdesk Integration

Stay updated with all the user activities on your YouTube channel and videos at a single go, integrated seamlessly into your freshdesk account.
Fetch all the comments as tickets and reply to all of them easily.
Salient Features
Reply Instantly

Respond to all the comments instantly.

Stay Connected

Always stay in touch with your users.

Don't Miss

Get all the feedback from your users instantly.

Handle Apps on-the-go

See all the comments for all your apps at a go.

Manage Multiple Channels

Do not worry about the several different videos.

Optimize Your Time

Make best use of your time to connect with your users.

Workflow of App
  • 1. User configures the app by entering Freshdesk API key, Subdomain, Google Oauth credentials etc.
  • 2. User adds the Youtube video or a channel for fetching the comments.
  • 3. User sets time interval for fetching the comments and enables the app.
  • 4. For every user defined time interval comments are fetched any tickets are created.
  • 5. Every reply to the comment in Youtube are added as a reply in Freshdesk under the same ticket.
  • 6. User can reply to the comment by adding a reply in Freshdesk.
    Follow these steps to install YouTube - Freshdesk:
  • 1. Go to Admin → Apps → Get More Apps → Youtube - Freshdesk.
  • 2. Click on Buy Now.